BEI Kids Neoprene NASH Sailing Gloves - Full Finger

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Ultimate Gloves are made from multi-layered synthetic material that actually reproduces the complex structure of leather BUT won't shrink, won't get slimy when wet, and are easy to fit on the hand, whether wet or dry.

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BEI Child's Neoprene Nash
Sailing Gloves

The Orignal Synthetic Leather Sailing Glove

Short Finger
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The Orignal Synthetic Leather Glove! Synthetic Nash fibres give excellent grip on synthetic ropes (Dyneema, Polyester etc) and don't get slimy in the wet!

  • Nash multi layered synthetic fibre reproduces the complex structure of leathe
  • Nash material gives comfort, perfromance and hand protection
  • Tough but has a "Soft Feel"
  • Doesn't shrink
  • Easy to put on, wet or dry
  • Doesn't go slimy, crack or smell
  • Will stand up to the harsh effects of salt water
  • Hand washable up to 20°
  • Nash offers thicker padding and protection then Amara gloves
  • Full finger with insulating Neoprene back for cold water conditions.
  • Elastic wraparound cuff with velcro closure

BEI Kids Neoprene NASH Sailing Glove - Full Finger

Kids Neoprene Nash Sailing Glove