Orca Bay Leather Deck Shoes

Sailing Watches

Optimum Time - Series 11

with Super Tough Strap and Sync Button

Series 1 - BlackRed/White/Blue
Spinnaker Price: £49.95
Black Red Lt Blue
White Yellow Pink
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Optimum Time - Series 2

with S/S Facia and Front Mounted Start/Stop Button

Series 2 - Blue
Spinnaker Price: £49.95 - £56.95
Black Pink
All the Features of Series 1 PLUS
Stainless face & front Start/Stop Button
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Optimum Time - Series 3

Jumbo Yellow

Series 3 - Yellow
Spinnaker Price: £65.95
Colours: Pink
Blue Yellow
Original Big Yellow Sailing Watch: Large Easy Read Face, Tactile Button even when hands are cold. Can be worn on wrist, over sleeve or strapped/ mounted to the base the mast!
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