Optimist Parts

Sprit Ends

Replacement Ends for Optimist Spars

Sprit EndSprit End
Ends for 25mm, 27mm & 29mm Ø Standard and Racing Sprits.
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Boom Ends

Replacement Inboard and Outboard Ends for Optimist Booms

Outboard Boom EndInboard Boom  End
Ends for 32mm, 40mm & 55mm Ø Booms. Inboard Ends are designed to have a firm grip around mast so mast and boom turn together.
Outboard ends have an eye to lash the sail to.
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Snap Shackle for Main Sheet

Trigger Carbine for Main Sheet attachment

Snap Shackle
For attaching the Main Sheet block to the boom. (Safer than than a carbine hook)

316 Stainless Steel
One Handed operation

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Deck Collars

Standard and Racing Mast Collars

Deck CollarDeck Collar

Nylon or Delrin collars mount on the deck of the Optimist to slide the mast through. This minimizes wear between mast and hull.

Racing Collars have an oval and tapered inner diameter allowing for mast rake and maximum fore/aft play while minimizing side play.

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Mast Heel Plugs

Heel Plugs for the bottom of Optimist Masts

Mast Heel Plug

Fits all style of Ø 45mm OD Optimist Masts. Allows for the use of an Adjustable Mast Step. Made from Low friction Delrin.

High Heel Plug option allows and old masts to be retrofitted to a mast step system,.

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Adjustable Mast Steps

Cup and Pin type Mast Steps to allow fast rigging and easy mast rake adjustment

Cup Type Mast StepPin Type Mast Step
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Mast Lock

Stainless Steel Clamp to lock the mast in place.

Mast Lock

S/S clamp lock to secure your mast from coming out of its step when the boat is capsized. This prevents costly foredeck damage and helps tether rig to the boat.

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Sail Pins

Nylon Sail Top Pins/Flag Clip for Optimists

Sail Pins
Nylon Pins which lash into the top of the mast to both hold the head of the sail and burgee/wind indicator.

5mm Hole to take standard Optimist Wind Indicators

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Optimist Wind Indicators

Nylon Sail Top Pins/Flag Clips for Optimists

Wind IndicatorWind Indicator

Burgee Flags and Windex style vanes for Optimist masts.

5mm Alloy Shaft fits all common
Optimist Sail Pins

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Marine grade plywood Centreboard


School/Recreation spec Daggerboard for Optimists. 3 coats of Varnish.
15mm Thick.

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Rudder Blade

Marine grade plywood Rudder

Rudder Blade

Bare School/Recreation spec Rudder Blade for Optimists. Made from Marine Grade Plywood with 3 coats of varnish.

12mm thickness.

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Rudder Fittings

Pins and Gudgeons for Optimists

Rudder PintelsRudder Gudgeons

S/S Rudder Pintels to attached to the Rudder blade

S/S Transom Pad and Gudgeon to fit to the stern of Optimists,
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Aluminium Tillers for Optimists Available with or without Extension

Optimist Tillers

60cm (24") long to fit Optimists. Made from 2x 20mmx10mm rectangular box sections with 1.5mm wall thickness. Supplied with nuts and bolts to mount on Rudder blade.
Available as plain tiller or with fitted tiller extension.

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Tiller Extensions

Aluminium Extensions for Optimists

Tiller Extension
60cm (24") Tiller Extensions for Optimists. All made with 16mm Ø anodized aluminium tubing with a wide choice of grips and rubber joint fittings.
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Replacement Tiller Joints

Spare Rubber Joint for Tiller Extensions

Tiller Joint
Multi Directional joint for all standard 16mm Tiller Extensions. Fixed or Removable bases. Optional inner rope core to allow continued use of the extension should the rubber tear or perish during a race.
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One handed paddle or Optimists

Lightweight popular paddle for small dinghies with no oars, or as an emergency paddle where space is a premium.
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