Optimist Adjustable Mast Step

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Adjustable Racing type Mast foot for Optimists

Popular mast steps allows for fast rigging and quick and easy adjustment of the mast rake.

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Cup Type (1202) has oval cup allowing the mast to tilt forward when going downwind
  • Pin Type (1200) must be used together with the pin type Heel Plug (1255 or 1256)
  • Base plate size 110 x 60mm

Adjustable Mast Step -
Cup Type (1202)

Mast Step - Cup Type
Oval shaped cup allows the mast to tild foward when going downwind
£41.26 Qty:

Adjustable Mast Step -
Pin Type (1200)

Mast Step - Pin Type
Mast located into pin - MUST be used together with a Pin Type Heel Plug
£46.02 Qty:
Heel Plug
Heel Plug for bottom of mast for use with a Pin Type Adjustable Mast Step (1200). Made from Low friction Delrin.
£15.93 Qty:
High Heel Plug
High Heel Plug for retrofitting an old mast to work with a Pin Type Mast Step (1200). Make sure the total mast length will not exceed 2350 mm (Heel = 25mm).
£18.70 Qty:

Optimist Mast Steps

Optimist Mast Step - Cup Type (1202)