Optimist Burgee & Wind Indicators

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Optiparts Burgee & Wind Indicator

Optimist Flags and Windex style vanes

Helps to show you the apparent direction of the wind.

Optimist Burgee (1240)

Bugree - 1240
Red PVC Flag on a wire frame. 5mm Alloy Shaft fits all common Optimist Sail Pins (1338)
£10.04 Qty:

Optimist Low Friction Wind Indicator (1242)

Sprit End - 27mm (1271)
Low Friction vane made from tough nylon. Aluminium bearing on 5mm shaft to fit all common Optimist Sail Pins (1338)
£10.47 Qty:

Nylon Top Pins for Optimist Masts (1338)

Sprit End - 29mm (1272)
Pack of 2 Nylon Pennant Holders for suitable Optimist Masts
£7.14 Qty:

Optimist Burgees & Wind Indicators

Optiparts Bugree (1240)