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Optimum Time Sailing Watches

Optimum TimeThe Ultimate Specialist Watch Manufacture.

Makers of the famous Original Big Yellow Sailing Watch, Optimum Time today produce complete range of sailing watches to suit all needs and budgets.

These watches are designed specifically with Sailing in mind and include features such as 5,4,1,0 Minute countdown signals to match with the guns, Sync buttons to Synchronize to the nearest signal should a gun have been missed, and Count Up timers to give your elapsed time in Handicap Races.

Optimum Time - Series 11

with Super Tough Strap and Sync Button

Series 11 - BlackSeries 11
Spinnaker Price: £49.95
Black Red Lt Blue
White Yellow Pink
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Optimum Time - Series 2

with S/S Facia and Front Mounted Start/Stop Button

Series 2 - Blue
Spinnaker Price: £49.95 - £56.95
Black Pink
All the Features of Series 1 PLUS
Stainless face & front Start/Stop Button
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Optimum Time - Series 3

"Jumbo Yellow"

Series 3 - Yellow
Spinnaker Price: £65.95
Colours: Pink
Yellow Yellow
Original Big Yellow Sailing Watch: Large Easy Read Face, Tactile Button even when hands are cold. Can be worn on wrist, over sleeve or strapped/ mounted to the base the mast!
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