Optimum Time Series 3 - The Original "Big Yellow Watch"

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Optimum Time - Series 3

Classic Jumbo Sailing Watch

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Sailing watch with huge easy read display.

  • Large 65mm overall ABS case
  • 38mm x 20mm display size
  • Massive 16mm digit height
  • Single row display
  • Adjustable Viewing Angle
  • Boom/Mast Mount Bracket Supplied
  • Elasticated Strap for Wrist or over sleeve wearing
  • Water Resistant to 5 ATM
  • Shock Resistant Construction
  • Normal Timekeeping Mode (12 or 24 Hour)
  • CR2032 Button Battery

Specialist Sailing Timer Functions:

  • Countdown repeat option (ie for Multiple Starts) OR
  • Countdown and Up to show elapsed time for handicap races
  • 5,4,1,0 ISAF start sequence pre-programmed with audible warning signals (can be silenced if preferred)
  • "Sync Button" for instant synchronisation if a gun is missed

Optimum Time - Series 3 - Jumbo Sailing Watch

Optimum Time - Series 3 - Yellow
  • Colour: Pink